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Monster in Me

Been around town, where the monsters are lining every street. Seen em walk, seen em talk like a shadow in the dark. On the prowl for a little something sweet. But I’ve met the devil had him starin’ down the barrel of a gun. Had him weak in the knees, begging, ‘Baby, honey, please’. Shoulda ran when you had the chance to run



It’s a dangerous world to get lost in. And it’s a dangerous world to be free.  It’s a dangerous world to get lost in, yeah. But the dangerous one here is me.

Come a long way, and fists aren’t for shaking, jaws aren’t for breaking. Ain’t as tall when you’ve got em’ on their knees. And I’ve got no trouble digging ditches in the middle of the night. It’s a long dusty road and we came here alone and I’m finally the one behind the knife



And it’s dragging me down through the weeds. And it’s kicking the shit outta me. But the rage that’s inside makes me feel I’m alive and I see; there’s a monster that’s inside of me.





Caught in my haste, I’m eager for change

Got me tethered and tangled in these roots at my feet are set in their ways.

Well I just can’t reckon with giving up precedence, give me anything, long as it’s real

Vagabond, tumbleweed; blow me away.


Ooh lost in my days in these circles and cycles and

ooh I’m running round caged! Keeps me ravenous, chained to this wheel.

Ooh, there’s more than it seems! take me anywhere, I just wanna feel.

Ooh blow me away

I never refrain, it’s never enough give me sun in my, wind in my... 

Facin’ this world’s, not as dead as it seems.

What are we waiting for? Can’t pretend anymore, Keep me wild, and feral and free 

Rambling tumbleweed, blow me away.


Ooh one in the same all these make believe anchors and

Ooh it’s just like a plague all this tedium, fuckery, fake.

Ooh living my way as I scatter myself around

Ooh blow me away.

Love Song
Love Song

I’d love to miss the way you’d take my picture when I’m dancing in the rain.

And I’d be the one to soothe your temper when there’s thunder’s on the way.

I’d love to miss the sound of your voice, your laughter, the smile on your face.

I wish that were someone to pour my soul to when I’m drowning in the pain.



So I tried to write a love song, but I don’t even know your name.

I tried to sing your favorite tune, but the words just never came. 

And it seems like I’m a fool to hold on to all these memories that I crave.

Forever’s just a cage that we’re bound to without a heart that beats the same.

I can’t help the way I’m longing for you, does it ever start to fade?

Will I get to know these feelings I’m after? Is there a heaven left for me?

And I’m not afraid of lonely ‘tomorrows’, but I hoped that it would change.

If only there were someone to run to, should I give up on the chase?




Tides chase horizons; air land and sea.  Your sails never opened, you were in a dream

I watched you crumble, writhe to be free. Your shell was a dungeon, and you sentenced me.

And I was just a little girl, and you took that from me. I know how it should’ve been, 

And day after day you fail me.

Your role is an equal, you kept it three. Your ship sprung a leak then. I was saving me

You should have been stronger! A kick in the teeth, when you praise my strengths 

now. Think our slate is clean?

And I am still that little girl, anticipating relief from all the pain you made me crave. And day after day you fail me.


Starlight sing me all your secrets underneath a sun lit moon.

Oooh, I’m chasing my head out the window across a painted summer sky.

You lean in a little closer, catch the honey dripping down my thigh.

You leave me no surrender by the time you slip inside.

Darlin’ whisper softly to me something in the key of June.

Trace the curves along my body until my flower is in bloom.

Up and down this roller coaster like a puppet dancing on a string.

You keep me wrapped around your finger while I’ve got you wrapped up in me

My legs start to tremble when you’ve got me off my feet,  the hunger is never ending

The taste of you it lingers and visits in my dreams, parting is such sweet sorrow.

Sleep Alone
Sleep Alone


It’s a mighty shame to feel this way; time keeps slipping by. Hopes are low, the tension’s high and nothing’s caught the eye.

I’ll sleep alone.  Ooh I sleep alone. 

Well the morning’s used to be sweet on me: candy coated red. Warmer days, a summer haze. My thighs against your head, now I sleep alone. Oooh I’ll sleep alone.


And in the dead of night it crept away, never to be found, And all the dreams I waited for crashed into the ground. I sleep alone.

Ooh I sleep alone.

Well the evenings used to be welcome friends. We’d light up and chase the stars. Now there’s nothing for idle hands; The Devil is in the cards. Oh, the winter’s chill has settled in, I feel it in my bones. Want a man to warm this tender skin, a man to make me moan!

I sleep alone, Ooooh I sleep alone.



Tree Time

Tree Time

I’m a passerby, pay me never mind. Keep on walking away.

Counting minutes by? Sit and watch a while;

Stones know nothing of days.



Night skies! Meet my first ever friends; always

Waning, chasing, fading in and out again.

She laughs sweetly, speaks in song and talks in whisper.

Dream you, breathe you in.

I live down below; a world that eyes will never know. 

It cradles me and holds me in her womb it pulls me slowly, deeper.

Tremors quaking underfoot and life and echo trailing in her wake.

Sunrise! Feel the warmth below me.

Dawn breaks and I feel it growing.

Winged song; tell the morning story.

White cloud leads you in



Jungle Law

Jungle Law

Well I’m unsure of little things, like beating round a burning bush and,

They tell me I’m wicked, and I’ll never be enough



I don’t do no dances for men with picket fences, 

Can’t tell I’m grinning while I’m showing you my teeth?

And I’m hard up for giving fucks about what you think of me,

And I’m living for the day when there’s just a one without you in it.

Sinners had me all along, ain’t doing right if nothing’s ‘wrong’ and

I ain’t no ‘live in house pet’ and I don’t ‘sit pretty’.

Moderation’s such a bore. I’m begging you for one hit more,

Your disappointment gets me high, the way you’d keep me pacified well…



Cooperate marauders, class crazed, dollar signs but:

Where is your honor? Look at me! Did I stutter?

I go by ‘jungle law’, I don’t play civil

Isn’t this my skin to bare? didn’t ask for no trouble.


You throw stones to throw in my direction,

broken glass, your ‘good intention’;

Could you spare a bit of hope?

One less asshole down your throat?

I’ve got qualms with all your rules and all these little puppet games

I wont do no harm but, it won’t do no good, no.



One Night
One Night

I catch you staring; can’t say I blame you. Your mind is racing, bet there’s nothing you won’t do. Play your angle, no hesitation. Skip the bullshit and get right to conversation. Pounding cheap beers, marking tallies. Make a joke and we’ll get high down in the alley. Who’d I come with? How’d I get here? Let’s ditch this place and kick it right up into high gear!



You like my t-shirt; I like it on the floor.

Got bad intentions; the kind you’ll beg for more.

Hands on my waist now, pressed against the door.

Got what I’m craving, what you waiting for?


One night!

One night stand

Don’t get it twisted, let’s set the rules straight. They come and go but every story stays the same. Don’t call me baby, just take a number. They’re always willing when I’m out for ‘something strange’. ‘You’re so pretty’, ‘This never happens’. Hide my face cuz I can’t stop myself from laughing. ‘Can I call you?’. He want a re-do?! It’s been real fun but I won’t settle for a dull screw



Sorry, I’m not sorry



Sipping on Flowers
Sipping on Flowers

Sailing away on radio tidal waves. Chasing our heads through the clouds.

Forging ourselves a life we’ll remember,  Don’t let my feet on the ground. 

Kept in a box filled with rainbows and, lighters and Wishes and hand grenades.

Each of us wanderers stow aways, trading our secrets from yesterday

But the wind started changing; and the tide went out, and the shit came in.

Everyone was just phasing, but the rest of us, we’re the best of us.

Keep on living this way; sipping on flowers.

Spending our nights passing round embers, 

Dancing with the stars in the sky.

Bring me the moon I’m dying to meet her;

She sings about when we were new.

We survived only on sunlight, cheap thrills and last minute getaways.

Everything weaving together the webs of our memories.

But the wind started changing; and the tide went out, and the shit came in.

Never letting it break me; never selling out. Never giving in.

Everyone was just phasing, but the rest of us, we’re the best of us.

Keep on living this way.

Sipping on flowers.



Oh no, you won’t own me. Snare the songbird, nightingale. They poisoned all the waters, took the wind right from my sails.

And a thousand plagues are coming, and  I’ll pray for thousands more; Tell me little song bird, who will sing when we’re no more?

Stumbling through the motions, are we masters? Are we slaves? Broke out from the order where the weakest were the prey. 

And we claim that we’re so civilized while we whore ourselves away

for the faceless gods we cater to, for the shameless life we’ve made. 



Cast out of our Eden. Washed out in the raid.  If captors ruled the oceans, wouldn’t mountains know their names?

And we praise ourselves for pillaging but we’ve failed to seize the day. Are we deaf to all the dissonance? Are we blind to our charade?


Miller Time
Miller Time

Put your badge on, wear your suit and tie.

Not enough to bring this mountain her knees.

Play your role well, I got bad news for you; 

you’re not fooling anyone with eyes to see.



Freedom from masters imposing disasters.

Your power is worthless you’re fake!

All of the masses rebelling the fascists are

Arrogant bastards, ignorance festers.

I wouldn’t be you for all of the shit you could possibly shove in my face

Fuck your customs and your barricades.

Disregarding anyone you can’t persuade.

Puff your chest up, sling your dick around.

It’s all the same shit it’s just a different day.




Who will the reaper summon last? 

Will you run when he comes to find you?

But you begged him you pleaded ‘release me’.

Tried to rip up the ground underneath me



Reaper, bring me to your messiah. Will she cum if I get down on my knees?

Your value here is not easily defended. Just sit and choke on the shit that you hemorrhage.

No part of you will be fit to remember, or those burned out and pissed on the embers.


You brought a war upon us all

with your need and your greed, self defeating.

In the end you grew frail condescending.

Clung to your ways but your time is ending.



Death Mask


Where is this death mask you promised me?

Building up callouses, cutting my teeth.

Got a head full of thoughts you’d call heresy.

The end’s a beginning and just out of reach.

The shell has been tarnished all rotted and bruised.

Counting these scars that stand place of my youth.

Can’t pardon myself for this peril I’m bound.
My penance is served when I’m flesh underground

Don’t make me porcelain; don’t try to soothe.

Don’t fight this torture; never break loose



Woke up screaming cold sweats in my sleep,

Seething static I’m trapped underneath

this being I haunt never wanted much more

than out of this skin that I can’t be unborn.

Thanks for all you didn’t do,

Thank you for the steam.
Thank you for the metaphor,

Stand there while I bleed.


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