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About Us

The Faith Ann Band is a spunky, indie-rock band based in southern New Hampshire. From the streets of Toronto to the writer's rounds of Nashville, Faith Ann’s unforgettable vocals and raw personality have left her audiences wanting more. This ‘one-woman’ traveling act with crafts and hobbies in tow, has assembled a diversely talented ‘fam’ band around her. 


 “In Bloom” showcases the diverse jazz, blues and rock influences that have come together to create a sound they’ve claimed as their own.

This sound continues to evolve and grow on their musical journey. Drawing from diverse vocal influences ranging from Etta James to Maynard James Keenan; Faith’s vocals are a unique, but enticing love child of the two. 


Alfredo Benavides - Bass

Sandy Lincoln - Lead Guitar/Saxophone

John Perkins- Percussion

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